Raised in a Peruvian textiles family, from a young age I remember watching fibers being spun into the world’s finest, silk-soft cotton yarn. Even then I knew the beauty of quality fabric.

As I got older and traveled to the United States as a graduate student or to Milano, Italy as an exchange student, and during travel adventures to Asia, Africa and Europe – I always observed fashion and fabric trends.

Now, as a busy mom living in Kansas City – the heart of America – I share my love of fashion with the girls by sewing basics that can be worn year-round. Always using the fabric from my family’s factory in Peru, I design brightly colored dresses and comfortable play clothes. 

Mila Pima - Inspired by my Daughters

One afternoon my eldest child, Amina, danced around wearing one of the dresses I had made. She loved the feel, the smooth cotton fabric,
against her skin.

With the biggest grin and wide eyes, Amina exclaimed: “Mama,
let’s make these clothes for all of my friends too!”

From that moment, Mila Pima was born. 

From my family to yours, we wish you the joy of fashion; the fun of simple, basic design; and the ease of wear knowing that every color goes with every color!

About The
Peruvian Difference

Not all cotton is the same

The long fibers found in Peruvian cotton are known for strength and durability – for luster and softness. Longer threads allow spinners to weave the fibers multiple times, thus creating dense, absorbent, soft fabric.

Because of its durable fabric, clothes made from Pima – the cream of cotton crops – last as much as 50 percent longer than fabrics made from other forms of cotton.

Mila Pima couture meets sustainable, environmentally-friendly standards as laid out by founder, Mila.

  • Garments hold color and quality from child to child. Mila’s four-year-old wears the same dresses and shirts that her older sister wore four years earlier.
  • Highly resistant to pilling, Mila Pima clothes look new even after numerous washes.
  • Environmentally-safe, hand-harvested cotton holds vibrant colored dye for comfortable wash-and-wear, mix-and-match children’s clothing.

Safer for the Environment. Safer for You.

The cotton used in Mila Pima clothing is entirely harvested by hand. Hand-harvested cotton is more environmentally sound and protects the cotton plants.

The carefully harvested pima cotton results in brilliant white whole cotton that dyes beautifully to hold the rich trademark bright colors of Mila Pima. Free from impurities, the cotton used in Mila Pima garments feels soft and smooth against the skin.

High quality, sustainable from child to child, and hypoallergenic, Mila Pima basics are perfect for children who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin.